Alien Stars

Alien Stars 7.3

Alien Stars combines all the best features of simple arcade and space shooter
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Alien Stars is one of the games developed by Big Fish Games. Games developed by Big Fish Games have a common interface from which we can manage all the games from Big Fish Games that we have currently installed in the computer.
Did you ever play 1942 or Raptor? If you did, maybe now you miss those simple games that we played some years ago. Alien Stars is a space ship shooter with upper view. These kind of games are rarely available as new developments, because now the trend is to make 3D games, this is the main reason why I like Alien Stars.
Alien Stars has beautiful graphics and good music and sound effects. Our space ship and the enemies and final stage bosses are the updated version of those games I talked before. I really like Alien Stars as it has some new features but it still keeps simple and fun to play.
Alien Stars is a full featured time limited demo. We can play this game for an hour of time, when time runs out we'll have to purchase the game. In the Big Fish Games common interface we can see demo time left and also we can find a link to purchase a license

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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Review summary


  • Good graphics and sound
  • Updated spaceship shooter
  • Simple and funny


  • Only 60 minutes is too little time to enjoy this game
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